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If Carlsberg did an order management system…

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If Carlsberg did an order management system.

Free Demo

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/30min Zoom Call
  • Full system run through
  • Demonstration of integration capabilities
  • Q&A Session

Base Level

£ 160
  • 2 Integrations
  • Shipping Portal
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchase Management
  • Invoice & Payment Centre

Why Choose Us


Built on a proprietary framework which sits on your existing site. Simples.


Live technical support chat 24/7 for all users, Stuck? give us a bell.


Links directly with programs such as Hubspot, Xero, Sage etc.


Built with start-ups in mind, we wont steal your profits.

The 6 P's

Right back to the start of the journey. The customer. The people who are going to potentially pay for your new car or that latest useless gadget you’ve had your eye on. Store their details on Hubspot? Perfect, Flow integrates directly meaning you can set up automatic messages or directly pull contact details through from within with in the system

Right, now back to your court. The thing you’ve spent years designing, prototyping and maybe even hand crafting. Yeh, your product. But how many have you got in stock? Where is the stock? Erm …did you order more? Track, record and organise your inventory within Flow . That’s it. Simple.

Ok. Onto the nice bit about business. That smirk when you close a deal or the dance you do when the purchase order pops through. Don’t let that moment fade away by then having to hash together a picking list using a homemade excel spread sheet. Nah, not with Flow. Track the order, update the status, add notes, create a picking list and more. All with a click of a button.

Want to avoid staying late because you ran out of M8 Flange Nuts and need some next day? Yeh, probably best to use a stock management system. View daily stock status, set minimum inventory levels, automatically generate RFQs, create and send components orders to suppliers. 

Processes. What were all about. Not winging it, no that’s immature. A carefully methodical thought out system that adds ” Flow” to the business. From the start to the end of the journey of a sale our system ensures there’s a process to follow. So let if flow, let it flow, don’t hold it back anymore!

Payment or cash as we know it. What business is all about, you know what they say, “cash is king.” Whether that’s customers paying you or you paying customers. To be useful it needs to be monitored, organised and then displayed. With multiple interactive graphs and pie charts dotted throughout the Flow system you can visually see Sales, Stock Values, Quotes, Orders and more. And as long as you sales is higher that your expenses then you will sleep at night. (mostly)

Client Testimonials

"We use Flow for our order management needs and couldn't be happier. It's easy to use, affordable, works well with other programs, and has great service! We highly recommend this software if you're looking for an efficient way to manage your inventory!"
Steven H
We use Flow for our order management software. It's easy to use, affordable, and works well with other programs like Hubspot. The best part is the great service- their team is always available to help us when we have questions or need assistance!
Alice S

The Definition.

Moving your business forward in the same direction from one location, The Flow dashboard.

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